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Looking at the changing space around us, we can all see that human dominance affects the environment significantly. Each of us can do something for future generations and for millions of creatures on Earth. The company Redis Biuro Serwis also engages in actions aimed at protecting the environment. We offer several recycled products. 

Since 2007, we have been buying used and reselling regenerated inks and toners. In the case of containers that cannot be resold, we collect them and recycle for free. With the certificate of the City of Torun, Department of Environmental Protection confirming safe storage and transport of containers, we issue appropriate documents concerning waste disposal to each person submitting the containers.
Why is it worth giving us empty cartridges, and buy recycled ones in return?:
1) you protect the environment (the production of a new laser cartridge consumes about 3.5 litres of oil)
2) you save money; a cartridge manufactured from recycled elements is on average 20% cheaper than the original (i.e. HP, Lexmark) and about 25% more efficient.


You can receive detailed information about the disposal of inks and toners in the sales department.

Our suppliers

We choose all of our suppliers with the greatest care. They are major European and Polish manufacturers. Thanks to a gigantic scale of Biuro Klub Konsorcjum purchasing network, we have developed the best trading conditions. Our long-term cooperation and friendly relations are the reason why we can offer you the best quality products at very competitive prices.