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All for an office and school.


Each product is very carefully chosen from the best suppliers in the industry. In order to make our product offer clearer and more legible, we have divided it into twelve product groups.

Order a Free Catalogue of Office Supplies

1. Consumables, data carriers, computer accessories, computer equipment

1.1. Genuine consumables
1.2. Black Point Consumables
1.3. Detergents
1.4. Data carriers
1.5. Archiving data carriers
1.6. Keyboards, mice, mouse pads
1.7. Computer accessories ? laptop bags
1.8. Computer accessories ? footrests, mats
1.9. Copiers, printers, fax machines, telephones

2. Paper and fancy stationery

2.1 White and colour copy paper
2.2 Specialized paper
2.3 Films for projectors and printers
2.4 Large format printing paper
2.5 Decorative paper, business cards, diplomas
2.6 Computer paper
2.7 Fax paper and paper rolls for cash registers and calculators
2.8 Tracing paper, carbon paper, carbonless paper
2.9 Foolscap
2.10 Office and school blocks, binder fillers
2.11 Pads, spiral pads, notebooks
2.12 Memo blocks and sticky notes
2.13 Envelopes
2.14 Books and print-out forms

3. Labels and markings

3.1 Adhesive labels
3.2 Adhesive labels for Dymo printers

4. Writing and drawing utensils

4.1 Exclusive writing utensils
4.2 Inks, cartridges for pens
4.3 Retractable pens and cartridges
4.4 Pens and cartridges
4.5 Pens on spring
4.6 Gel pens and cartridges
4.7 Ball pens and rollerball pens
4.8 Fineliners
4.9 Permanent markers, film markers, CD markers
4.10 Oil markers
4.11 Markers for flipcharts and dry erase markers
4.12 Highlighters
4.13 Correction pens
4.14 Mechanical pencils
4.15 Pencil graphite leads
4.16 Pencils
4.17 Sharpeners
4.18 Erasers
4.19 Drawing materials

5. Office equipment

5.1 Punchers
5.2 Staplers
5.3 Staples
5.4 Staple removers
5.5 Paper clips, pins
5.6 Office clips
5.7 Scissors, knives
5.8 Glues
5.9 Adhesive tapes, double-sided tapes, feeders
5.10 Sealing tapes, stretch film
5.11 Packaging
5.12 Desk pads
5.13 Toolboxes
5.14 Stamps, daters, numberings, moisteners, inks

6. Organization and archiving of documents

6.1 Binders
6.2 Binder inserts
6.3 Pockets, self-adhesive strips
6.4 File folders and fasteners
6.5 Pockets and covers for documents
6.6 Packaging
6.7 Offer folders
6.8 Folders
6.9 Conference folders & bags
6.10 Signature folders
6.11 Personal file folders
6.12 Clipboards
6.13 Folders, hanging folders, archive containers
6.14 Drawers for documents
6.15 Catalogue and magazine boxes
6.16 Archive boxes
6.17 Archiving clips, fascicules, files

7. Organization and planning

7.1 Address books, business card holders and accessories

8. Devices, office machines, document binding

8.1 Label printers
8.2 Calculators
8.3 Batteries and chargers
8.4 Binding machines
8.5 Binding accessories
8.6 Document binding
8.7 Thermal binding accessories
8.8 Thermal binding machines
8.9 Laminators
8.10 Laminating films
8.11 Cutters, trimmers, folding machines

9. Visualization and conference service

9.1 Projectors, multimedia projectors
9.2 Presentation indicators, projection screens
9.3 Dry erase boards
9.4 Gliders
9.5 Whiteboard accessories
9.6 Pin boards
9.7 Flipcharts
9.8 Flipchart accessories
9.9 Advertising racks, presentation tables
9.10 Badges
9.11 Shelves, brochure racks, pivoting pockets
9.12 Clip frames

10. Devices and equipment

10.1 Garbage cans
10.2 Office stools
10.3 Safes
10.4 Cash boxes
10.5 Money accessories
10.6 Key cabinets
10.7 Time and attendance
10.8 Furniture

11. Food supplies

11.1 Ground and soluble coffee
11.2 Tea
11.3 Sugar
11.4 Milk, cream
11.5 Sweets, cookies
11.6 Juices
11.7 Mineral water
11.8 Coffee makers
11.9 Appliances

12. Hygiene and cleaning

12.1 Dispensers, paper towel holders, paper towels, toilet paper holders, toilet paper, soap, cleaning cloths
12.2 Hand dryers, dispensers, liquid soap, soap
12.3 Air fresheners
12.4 Household chemicals
12.5 Wash and clean products
12.6 Disposable crockery
12.7 Garbage bags
12.8 Gloves


Our suppliers

We choose all of our suppliers with the greatest care. They are major European and Polish manufacturers. Thanks to a gigantic scale of Biuro Klub Konsorcjum purchasing network, we have developed the best trading conditions. Our long-term cooperation and friendly relations are the reason why we can offer you the best quality products at very competitive prices.