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All for an office and school.


Redis Biuro Serwis has been on the Polish market for over 20 years. Every day, we supply hundreds of customers throughout Kujawsko-Pomorskie province with the goods needed to run an office. Among our customers, there are large corporations, state institutions, medium and small enterprises operating in every industry. Since the inception of our company, the customers have shaped its character, their needs and requirements, which have led to the creation of one of the best office supply companies in the region. Since 2001, we?ve been a shareholder in Konsorcjum Biuro Klub, one of the biggest Polish sales and purchasing networks in the school and office industry.

For years, we?ve been trying to mark our presence on the local market through the participation in cultural, sports and charity events.

Thanks to our specialized staff and constant pursuit of perfection, each year the number of our customers grows, and thanks to them we can achieve our goals.


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We choose all of our suppliers with the greatest care. They are major European and Polish manufacturers. Thanks to a gigantic scale of Biuro Klub Konsorcjum purchasing network, we have developed the best trading conditions. Our long-term cooperation and friendly relations are the reason why we can offer you the best quality products at very competitive prices.